20th March 2018

Chapter 3 Other people

Crump uses Ricky Baker’s narrative point of view to give an authentic New Zealand voice to the story, he does this by using different idioms such as “ring you up” or “we tied up the dogs in case they took off”. Barry also uses a lot of Colloquial languages like  “about an hour down the creek. How are you going?”, All of this story is made up of informal Colloquial language. He also uses language features like “he’s a wee-lamb” this would have to fit under a metaphor because he’s not really a wee-lamb, he a big Maori boy. Barry Crump uses a lot of classic Kiwi slang eg “Foresty huts”, Crump uses these to give a Kiwi as point of view and to use New Zealand language features.


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