9th March 2018

Milking before dawn

Explain what the poet means when she compares the cows with rocks in the first two lines of the poem? She is comparing the cows to shiny rocks which is a simile. 

Is this comparison a simile or a metaphor? This comparison is a simile

Write down an example of metaphor from the first stanza and explain what the poet means by her comparison an great example of a metaphor is “the shed is an island of light and warmth” this is explaining how the shed is warm and has life compared to the rest of the farm.

Explain what the poet means by the simile, ‘..its history wiped away/like the tears of a child”. The poet is explaining that a new day is a chance to refresh and start over again like how a child cries.

When the poet says in the last line, “let the man in the city sleep”, she implies that she is not jealous of the city dweller easier life-style. Judging from the poem as a whole, why do you think she is content.

Analysis of techniques used and the effects of the use/choice of techniques used by the poet

Milking before dawn is a poem created by Ruth Dallas that is a day in the life of a busy New Zealand farmer. This poem is set from a 1st person point of view from the farmer. The farmer is also saying it is a lot harder to be a farmer than a normal city folk. In this poem, there is no colloquial language. In this poem, their is also a lot of onomatopeia and repetition eg beat.beat beat.




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