4th April 2018


How is the setting used to show the failings of the judicial and state care systems? The school is because Ricky found out that slim white boys are easier to deal with than fat Maori boys. Also, the state care put him with his mum who married a man and stepdads have been renowned for being or even killing their children.Ricky felt the school was teaching the wrong stuff to him and that’s why he kept moving schools

What are some of the ideas Crump is trying to convey about the idea of family in the novel?

Both Ricky and Uncle Hec express trust issues with government, family, and society. What are some of the trust issues that they face?

Urbanisation relates to Maori but also in a wider context of what we have lost as a society by moving away from rural areas and the lifestyles they encourage. The farm is a total contrast to Ricky’s city life. What are three ways Ricky experiences love and acceptance at the farm (give quotes to support your answer)?

The bush is a place of both danger and a place of comfort and refuge (from authority and the outside world). How does Ricky’s attitude to the bush change from the opening scenes to the end of the film? How are Ricky and Uncle Hec ‘released’ by the bush? How is the bush both a danger and a place of comfort and refuge?

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