21st May 2018

The Dark Horse

In the film “The Dark Horse”, directed by James Napier Robertson, there are lots of scenes with tension and violence, one of these scenes is when Manu’s father comes in with a storm at the end of the chess tournament and hits Genius the main character in the face. In this scene I will talk about four different aspects, this are a series of camera shots and angles, sound effects, facial expressions and character movement.

Roberson uses a series of different camera shots and angles to show that Mana’s dad is more dominant over Genius and violent. There is an eye-level medium shot of Mana seeing his dads car and then there is a camera shot from Mana’s perspective of him seeing his dad’s car pull up. These shots show how scared Mana is of his own dad who is a gang member. In this scene when Mana see’s his dad through a crowd of chess players and viewers there are very bold sound effects used to show the main character of this scary scene, Mana’s dad. The sound effects used make Mana’s dad stand tail and look very bold compared to everyone else in the scene. The sound effects are used to show that Mana’s dad is very angry and clearly does not belong at a kids chess tournament, shown by him storming in through the doors and looking misplaced and then punching his brother Genius in the face.

There are lots of facial expressions used in this scene including when Mana sees his dad pull up in his car, we see a variety of facial expressions used by Mana, he shakes his head and has a very nervous expression on his face. Roberson uses these facial expressions to show that Mana is very nervous and scared when he sees his dad turn up to the chess tournament. In this scene, Roberson uses lots of character movement to show the effect of Mana’s scary dad. We can see Mana move from side to side, this effect is used to show that Mana is very nervous and very scared.

In conclusion, Robertson has used this scene to show that gang violence is a thing in New Zealand and that people who face mental health can still do things that they use to do. All the features including camera shots and angles, sound effects, facial expressions and character movement are all used to show that one of the main characters, Mana is very scared of his father, Ariki who is a member of the Gisborne Vagrants.

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  1. Check that you are using the correct terminology, Oli. Also check your spelling, including names. You also need to discuss the effect of the use of the techniques on the viewer.


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